Comparing and Contrasting in Classroom Instruction to Online Instruction!

Part 1

My Doctoral Dissertation was titled: Examining if a difference exists between online and traditional college students. Though my dissertation concerned College students, many of the same principles apply to High School and Elementary School. The major issue is the quality of education difference between the two forms of pedagogy [ped-uh-goh-jee, -goj-ee] noun, which is defined as; the function or work of a teacher; teaching the art or science of teaching and educational/instructional methodology.

Even though my bio lists my degree’s, I wanted to supply my experience with the American School System. I spent my first 5 of 17 years in matriculation in a classroom format. The instruction, teacher support and on campus support was excellent; even though I was 52 years old when I started classes in 2000. I was amazed by the reception I received from the younger students in my classes. Because I was older my fellow students wanted to know what I thought they should do and not do, concerning their choices of, not only classes but often life choices.

This is an axiom of all students whether they are college, high school or elementary level. While these students, especially when they reach their teens, and (think their parents are idiots), they will listen to an outside adult influence. Hence, my advice to parents is to first find an adult who values an education and ask them to be your 2nd teacher. If the child is versed early in what the true meaning and possibilities for their future are, (at an early age), they will learn that taking time to research and consider risk management in their decisions, will produce better choices for them in that future!

I would like to expand on my statement concerning my matriculation in a classroom format. Not only does the student receive face-to-face instruction, but more importantly they can receive the instructions when the subject does not make any sense to the student. Face-to-Face instruction allows the teacher to spend QUALITY time with the student, where he/she can understand the student and adjust their curriculum to accommodate the students emotional and physical Adagio [e-‘da-j(e-)o] noun, defined as; at a slow tempo or pace!

As pointed out numerous times over many years, additional benefits occur from social interaction and student bonding. The advantage of our children getting exercise and learning sportsmanship and fair play have been highly underestimated by our local, state and especially federal governments. This is proven by the cuts to social and sports activities funding. This has created a Milieu [meel-YOO] noun, defined as; a surrounding culture and environment, where true education has taken a back seat to funding of military weapons to our police. Hence, a cut in pay for schoolteachers and our local school districts.

Many parents today consider elementary and high school teachers to be nothing more than well-educated babysitters and do not take advantage of the opportunities afforded them to have a voice in what happens in their child’s education. This is evident by the many jokes made about “parent, teacher conferences”. It is my opinion that all parents (or at least one parent) should be required to attend these opportunities to control what and how our students should learn.

Over the next several weeks I will be reviewing the Amalgam [e-MAL-gem] defined as; a mixture or combination – of brick and mortar educational opportunities compared to online learning. Next week I will discuss the Obfuscation [ob·fus·cat·ing] verb, defined as; to make obscure or unclear, the advantages (small) to the disadvantages (large) of total online educational formats, instruction, teacher support and campus support.

Dr. Edward J. Files, AGS, AAS, BSM, Emba, Ed.D. (dual concentrations in Organizational and Leadership Development)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Homeschooling

For many years, families have been looking at the two options of public school and homeschooling for their children, but with today’s new technology, a third choice is now available. This choice is private and accredited online homeschooling. Teaching children at home has come to be a viable option for many families. A family that chooses this pulls out of the traditional education system to have complete direction and control over the education of their children. Parents make all of the decisions regarding the curriculum, how the children will be assessed and when the children have completed their education.

The benefits of this type of learning are limitless. The learners with a distance between them can work together in real-time on the same problem with a computer screen that is shared. Students are able to easily access resources throughout the entire world without leaving the computer work space. Students are also able to choose from a large variety of learning resources that best suit their learning needs.


1. These schools have educators and faculty who are trained in providing flexible and high quality education to both the family and the student.

2. The instructional program for each student is based on his individual needs.

3. The online program combines the strengths of both home schooling and private schooling.

4. Fits into the schedule of busy parents.

5. Can take place anywhere in the world.


1. This type of program requires a lot of commitment.

2. Many parents of the children have to give up careers to stay at home and this may put stress on finances for the family.

3. It is a major adjustment not only for the parents but also for the children, emotionally and socially.

Surviving Freshman Year at Bentley College

I am currently going to be a senior at Bentley College in Waltham, MA, so I have a lot of experience and know how things work at Bentley. As a freshman at Bentley College you will be living in the Tree Dorms, Slade Hall, or Miller Hall. If you have a choice I would highly recommend that you choose to live in the Tree Dorms because this is where the majority of freshman are going to be living, so there will be more activity going on in the building and you will meet more people. Slade Hall is across the parking lot from the Tree Dorms, so that would be my second choice and Miller Hall is small and kind of isolated, so that would be my last choice for freshman housing. If Bentley offers you the opportunity to live with upper class men I would decline their offer and live with freshman. It will make the transition into college life a lot easier.

I registered for classes during orientation and it is kind of a hectic time. Usually your first two years at Bentley you are focusing on satisfying your general education requirements, so registration your first two years is pretty easy. The classes that you take will pretty much be chosen for you, but you will still have the opportunity to select which professor you would like to take. I recommend that before you attend the Bentley orientation that you go on RateMyProfessors and SyllabusCentral and do a little research on professors so that you end up with some good professors your freshman year.

As a freshman you will mostly be eating at Season’s Dining Hall, Harry’s Corner, Boloco, and A&W. Your meal plan covers unlimited entries into Season’s Dining Hall, but the quality of food there isn’t too good. At Harry’s Corner you can use your discretionary money and Harry’s is good for getting a sub, pizza, or fried food like mozzarella sticks or chicken fingers. Harry’s is also close to freshman housing, so you will probably be going there a lot. Boloco and A&W are on lower campus, which is a good walk, but I think it is worth it for Boloco. Boloco is my favorite food on campus and once again they take discretionary money.

As a freshman your classes should be pretty easy. After freshman year your classes will become a lot more difficult, so I recommend that you buckle down and get some good grades to boost your GPA freshman year. It will be difficult to recover your GPA from a bad freshman year. There are two very easy things you can do to boost your GPA as a freshman. The first is to just go to class and the second is to always do your homework. Even if you homework isn’t going to be collected I still highly advise that you just do it on your own and try to stay disciplined. It is too easy to put your homework off and then get really behind and not be able to learn everything before a mid-term or final. Be sure to pace yourself throughout the semester and you should do fine.

Scope Of Executive Education For Working Professioanls

Owing to the current job market which requires professionals that are highly qualified as well as experienced, the scope of executive education in increasing. Executive education is a facilitator to new opportunities and takes the working professionals to the next level in their respective field of work. It helps them in acquiring new skills by challenging their assumptions which further helps them to gain insight into broader areas of the industry. It makes an individual more focused and efficient in handling any kind of situation arising in his work environment.

Executive education focuses towards transforming mangers to business leader by strengthening their skills and preparing them to face the varying roles in the ever changing world. Looking forward to the wide range of benefits executive education has to offer it’s scope is widely increasing among the potential executives:

1) Skill Development:

An executive program is taken up by professionals from different parts of the world having the same interest. So, this helps in development of new skills among the professionals as each professional share his/her personal experiences with the other and this contributes effectively to the knowledge of all the participants.

2) Saves Time And Money:

The most important factor which makes executive education the first choice for every individual is that it saves time and money i.e. these executive programs are usually cheaper than full time courses and moreover an individual can study anytime and anywhere wherever he feels comfortable, which definitely saves a lot of time and effort.

3) Increase In Confidence:

Executive education inculcates confidence in an individual by helping him gain appropriate knowledge along with skills that are required to progress in the particular industry.

4) Increase In Efficiency:

Executive education also help in logical development of skills which increases the efficiency of an individual and help him grow in his field of work.

Since the global market is affecting each and every organization across the globe irrespective of its size or turnover. So, it has become really important for the organizations and its employees to gain extensive knowledge in order to brush up their skills and become competitive enough to face the dynamic changes going on in the global market.

Executive education is one such factor that can ensure that a professional is able to gain all the latest skills and knowledge that is required to cope up with the dynamic changes in the global market which furthermore ensure the growth and development of the organization.

Education Will Make You Successful

In our society today, people believe in furthering their education in order to become successful. At the same time, everyday more and more young people drop out of school because they feel unmotivated and uninspired to keep on going with their school work. Every student has different problems to deal with in his/her life. Each student that drops out either loses interest in their education or has too much stress on their hands to balance school and other problems that they are facing. In order to better our society, the most useful career a young person could choose would be Education.

After getting a high school diploma, the best thing a person can do is go to college. For a young person, the best major to choose to help them in the future is education. Choosing education as a major would help our society by educating students on a subject that they have never been introduced to before such as math, English, reading, math, and social studies. A young person has the choice to become either an elementary, middle, or high school teacher. An elementary teacher educates students in their basic skills such as math, reading, science, and social studies which paves the road for a student’s future. The duties of a middle school teacher are to further the learning of the basic studies for a better understanding of a subject. Being a high school teacher means that you are responsible for helping a student get to the point of graduation. Their duty is to make sure that all of their students reach that point and to not let them drop out of school.

An education is looked upon as a discipline. It shows how self-disciplined one is by going to school and making it to graduation. School is one of the best places to learn how to be independent and dependent at the same time. A student learns to be independent by learning how to believe in themselves by doing their homework and showing up to school to learn. Students learn how to go on with their day in school on their own by not having their parents around. Not only does a student become independent but also dependent. A student becomes dependent on their teachers.

Choosing education as a major would not only help the students in the school but it would also help themselves in becoming more efficient in a subject. Becoming an educator not only allows someone to help other people but to inspire them also. They could help inspire and motivate students into furthering their education and showing them how having a high education such as a degree in a certain subject that they enjoy could get them far in life. Having an education is one of the most valuable things that one person could have and by majoring in education would not only affect them but also their community.