Why Professional MBA Program Is Often the Best Choice?

In recent years, the market of MBA programs is so saturated and programs are so varied that making the right choice became extremely difficult.

Along with classic MBA degrees in general management, many business schools now offer specialized MBA programs. There are reasons for this: for many prospective MBA students, a combination of classical MBA disciplines and specialized in a certain area (marketing, finance and control, for example) or sphere (health care or social control) is an ideal solution.

Professor Barbara Shtottinger, program manager for Professional MBA in Marketing & Sales WU Executive Academy explains why:

What does Professional MBA education offers in fact?

– Simultaneous advantage: To give managers representing various spheres of activities and holding various positions a chance of becoming real specialists, we offer both classic general management program and specialized one, focusing on a specific area (e.g., marketing & sales, controlling).

Despite this, specialized MBA programs are deep, broad, practical economic education programs, which include classical MBA disciplines.

– Establishing contacts: during training at specialized MBA courses, participants meet with colleagues having similar professional experience, but in other industries. In terms of content, as all participants have approximately same level – this allows them deriving maximum benefit from acquired knowledge, experience and best practices of other companies and industries, but within a single functional unit.

This way of interaction provides access to new career opportunities in one’s industry specialization, as well as helps in the search for valuable human resources.

– Content: Each industry specialization perfectly combines elements of theory and practice, such as situational analysis and lectures by guest lecturers. This ensures the knowledge can be immediately applied in current work or industry posed by participants.

What one should consider when selecting a specialized MBA program?

– When choosing industry specialization, one must make sure general management and industry specialization modules are ideally combined, and content specialization corresponds to its name and consists of more than one or two chosen disciplines. Along with teaching basic subjects of classical business education, there is a possibility of variation within single specialization.

Who is interested in specialized MBA degree?

– MBA programs with specialization in any particular field are of value to managers and senior managers

– Those who already have experience in a certain position and / or:

– Those who want to prepare for the next stage in their careers and want to keep pace with the times, acquiring leading skills and experience in a particular area.

– MBA programs with industry specialization are of exceptional value to managers, who gained experience in a particular industry, and would not want to move to a new one.