English Speaking Schools in the Dominican Republic

If you are looking to relocate to the Dominican Republic, or even take long vacations, you might have an interest in the schools that are available. The DR has many English speaking schools, which makes the area a great draw for those who are looking to relocate.

People from other countries are coming to the Dominican Republic and enrolling their children in schools because of the great opportunities for learning and advancement the school system offers. Language is not a barrier in many of the schools in the DR, which means students from different backgrounds can learn in a way beneficial to them when enrolled in a school. There are many schools to choose from for those who are going to be in the DR for a prolonged period of time.

The Santiago Christian School in Santiago is a very unique school. This school is fully accredited by the United States, and all lessons are taught in English. Currently, approximately 75% of the students are from the DR, with the other 25% are from the United States.

This school has a curriculum taken from the Untied States educational system, and employees mostly American teachers. It teaches students from pre-k until graduation from high school.

Because of the curriculum of this school, students are able to easily get into college after they graduate. The courses are closely watched and they have to meet standards in multiple areas. This makes the Santiago Christian School a very good choice for those who are relocating to the area.

Puerto Plata has the Alic New World School. This school is bilingual, so it uses English and Spanish in order to teach. In addition, students can take French lessons. This school is a good choice for students who want to learn how to master multiple languages. Students are able to grasp different languages, which is important in the global business structure of today.

The Torre Alta Montessori School is also bilingual in English and Spanish. Students will learn both languages and be able to converse in them by the time they graduate from the school. Students are able to pick up on English and Spanish while attending this school.

The International School of Sosua allows students to earn a diploma from the United States or the DR. This school teaches in English and it only employees certified teachers. It has high standards for education, which makes it a good choice for those who plan on attending college after high school. It is important to go to a school that is recognized and respected, and students get just that when they attend this school

Santo Domingo has a bilingual school called New Horizons. This school teaches in English and Spanish, and uses a US curriculum. This is another great choice for those who intend on continuing their education.

It is very easy to integrate a family into the Dominican Republic. The schools make it possible to bring a family over to the country without sacrificing education. This has made the DR one of the most popular places to visit and move to in the world.

The educational standards of the Dominican Republic are very high, as long as the right school is selected. As with anywhere, there are schools that do not live up to the standard, but those are the exception to the rule. You will be able to find a school that meets your educational requirements in the DR.

You will also be able to take advantage of a bilingual education, which is very helpful as the world changes. Now, it is more important than ever to know more than one language, and the schools in the Dominican Republic help with that.

What Are the Advantages of Distance Learning?

Nowadays, the demand for distance learning is at an all-time high, and many universities, colleges, government agencies, and organizations are offering online courses and programs. Distance learning has opened doors and opportunities for many people who may not have the time or resources to attend conventional scheduled classes. As the Internet becomes an integral part of people’s lives, it’s logical that they desire an alternative such as distance learning. Still, the question has to be addressed. What are the advantages of distance learning? Let’s take a look.


Perhaps, the greatest advantage of distance learning is flexibility. Even if you are enrolled in a school or college where you are a full-time student, you can still take a course via distance learning. Assuming that you want to take a course which is not available in your school, you can easily find a school that offers that course and take the course via the Internet. As long as you have a computer and Internet connection, you can study for the course or courses anywhere in the world. In this sense, people from all over the world can enroll at any school which offers the programs or courses of their choice, without having to leave their countries. Also, most distance learning modules allow students to set their own schedules so they have complete control about how much time they want to spend on a particular subject and so on. More importantly, they can study at their most optimal times, thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Distance learning is especially suitable for working parents who want to continue their education or upgrade their skills because they really don’t have the time to attend scheduled classes.

Numerous Schools

If you have ever tried to search for a school that offers distance learning for the courses or programs that you are interested in, you will be amazed at the number of available choices. In fact, there are so many schools that you may be quite confused about which school to select. Well, it’s always better to have more choices than just a few, right? With the Internet, you can find out about the best schools for a particular program, and you can perform research to find out which school is most suitable for your purpose. Ever thought of learning Japanese at some famous Japanese school? You can do that with distance learning.

Lower Costs

Since you are not required to be physically present in the school of your choice, you will save some money on transportation. Presently, the price of gas is getting higher and it has an impact on transportation costs, making it more costly to travel. For international students, it translates to quite a lot of savings because they don’t have to purchase air tickets or worry about rent, and other living expenses. Without having to travel to the school, distance learners also save a lot of time, over the long run. Typically, schools charge a lower fee for online courses in comparison to the on-campus course due to lower overheads.

Change Is an Inside Job

If you decide, changing your world is just one simple choice away. You can make the choice to change everything in your world in an instant; if you are willing to change the one thing you have 100 % control over, namely yourself. I will show you that you can start to make better more positive choices right now. Choices like opening a book, which will open your mind up to new knowledge and possibility.

At any moment of your choosing, you can start to take inspired action, which will start the process of changing everything in your life. Every choice, which can change your life right now, is available to you. All you need to do is make the decision and then stick to your commitment to do whatever you decide to do.

You can either choose action or Choose Leisure

Of course our freedom to choose gives us buckets of freedom, but it comes with a price. You can choose activity and industriously create the future you desire, or you can choose leisure, where you are left looking around wondering what happened to your life. So yes freedom of choice brings freedom, where you can choose entertainment over education, leisure over daily inspired action or you can even get to choose happiness over sadness.

William Shakespeare said it so well when he said “The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves.” You have created your current circumstances, by the choices you made or failed to make in the past and are creating the circumstances; you will live in the future by the choices you are making right now. So if you want your life to improve and your circumstances in the future to be better, then start to make wiser choices, right now, about how you are going to use your most valuable possession, namely your time, from this moment on.

Errors of Judgement

You owe it to yourself to stop allowing your errors of judgement, to continue to lead you down the wrong path any longer. Get back to basics and start to make better choices about how you will use your time going forward. When you choose to forego pleasure in the moment and instead of vegetating in front of the TV, you choose to read a good educational book. You are making far wiser choice, which will bring you knowledge, life and happiness, rather than pleasure in the moment, but huge regret in the future.

Nothing can stop you from Changing your World

If you decide, you can change anything in your world, right now. You have freedom to choose whatever you want. Make wiser choices and your world will begin to change. You have the inert, inbuilt ability, to completely change and transform your life. Start right now and exercise your freedom and choose industry over leisure. Choosing leisure will bring you very little, whereas, choosing to be industrious, where you actually get things done every day, will bring you satisfaction, meaning, success and the fulfilment you are looking for. It really does seem like a no-brainer to me.

As you can imagine, leisure will bring regret, failure and very little else. All of which weighs tonnes in the end, whereas inspired activity on the other hand, brings all the positive benefits you desire and costs very little, in terms of daily effort and self-discipline. Motivational speakers guide you to choose inspired activity; remain committed to your success and a world of abundant possibility opens up to you.

Definition of Distance Education

Distance education is oftentimes referred to as “Distance Learning” as well, and is simply defined as “a field of education focusing on the andragogy and pedagogy, instructional systems, and technology which endeavor to deliver an education to students who are not physically in a classroom or campus setting.” In its simplest terms, it means earning a degree online.

The use of electronic (i.e. computers) and printed media enable the student to pursue their education without attending classes on a college or university campus. They are enabled to communicate and study at the times they select, through various technologies that allow them to interact in real time and through many different ways using the internet.

Additionally, distance education courses do not require any physical presence on-site for reasons inclusive of taking examinations that are considered to be blended or hybrid courses of study.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages to distance education degree programs. However, contrary to varied beliefs and opinions, the distance education advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

The Advantages of distance learning are:

1. It requires no commuting – therefore saving you money and time

2. You complete most of the classes at your own pace – no pressure

3. You can live anywhere in the world, study from anywhere in the world, and pursue your choice of distance education course studies

4. Gain extra knowledge while you are learning – taking those computer and internet skills you gain and then applying them to other facets of your life

5. The self-paced learning environment can be taken advantage of by the quickest or the slowest of learners – increases the satisfaction level while reducing stress in the process

6. Accessibility factors – distance education courses address the physical accessibility issues that people with mobility problems oftentimes encounter while being enrolled in the traditional on-campus classes

Unfortunately, you can’t discuss the advantages of distance education without covering the disadvantages. These disadvantages are the following:

7. Sometimes the technology is complex and costly – despite the numerous opportunities of distance education, there are always accompanying costs

8. Advance planning is necessary – both the instructors and the students oftentimes need to make sacrifices scheduling the times to get things done

9. Beware of hidden costs – If you’re in naval branch of the military for example, and you are out at sea, how do you receive your study materials?

10. Distance learning does not offer immediate feedback – in the traditional classroom setting, the student’s performance is immediately assessed, whereas with distance education, the student has to wait for feedback while the instructor is reviewing their work

11. Distance learning does not always offer all the necessary courses online – students pursuing specific certificates or degrees may not be afforded all the necessary courses that are available through distance education programs so some programs are not suited for all course of study.

12. Distance learning may not be acknowledged by all employers – granted, most employers will acknowledge distance education, but there are some who don’t

13. Distance learning does not give students the opportunity to work on oral communication skills – students in distance education courses do not always get to engage in verbal interaction with fellow students and professors

14. Social isolation – more often than not, you study alone and distance learning students often times feel isolated and miss the social interaction that accompanies the traditional classroom on campus

Pros and Cons of a Computer-Based Homeschool Curriculum

Virtual schools – are they really homeschooling?

Virtual homeschooling has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, most virtual “homeschooling” programs are not really “homeschool” but are just a virtual public school. This can be a fine choice for some families who are just looking to spend more time with their children, wanting the ability to teach religion or want to remove their children from negative influences. Keep in mind that there is little or no choice of curriculum and all the state standardized tests are mandatory.

Computer-based Homeschool Curriculum

These homeschool programs are quite different from virtual schools in that the teaching materials are on CD-Roms. This can be a boon to the homeschooling parent who works out of the home part-time. The only complete homeschool curriculum on cd-rom that I am aware of is Switched on Schoolhouse by Alpha Omega. It is a Christian program and they offer full curriculum for grades K-12, including high school electives. It might be a good idea to test your child on a trial version to see if it is a good learning style fit for your child. Visual and auditory learners are more likely to do well with this style of learning that a kinesthetic learner.

Privately-owned virtual schools

Another choice would be a virtual homeschool program available from a private school, such as Laurel Springs, Time 4 Learning, e-tutor. The nice thing about these programs is that they because they are not virtual public schools, they are more flexible and customizable to your child. One of the main advantages of a computer-based curriculum is that it can allow parents who truly desire to homeschool, but assumed it wasn’t possible due to time constraints or a lack of confidence, to homeschool their child in with one of the most convenient and easy-to-manage methods available.