Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Homeschooling

For many years, families have been looking at the two options of public school and homeschooling for their children, but with today’s new technology, a third choice is now available. This choice is private and accredited online homeschooling. Teaching children at home has come to be a viable option for many families. A family that chooses this pulls out of the traditional education system to have complete direction and control over the education of their children. Parents make all of the decisions regarding the curriculum, how the children will be assessed and when the children have completed their education.

The benefits of this type of learning are limitless. The learners with a distance between them can work together in real-time on the same problem with a computer screen that is shared. Students are able to easily access resources throughout the entire world without leaving the computer work space. Students are also able to choose from a large variety of learning resources that best suit their learning needs.


1. These schools have educators and faculty who are trained in providing flexible and high quality education to both the family and the student.

2. The instructional program for each student is based on his individual needs.

3. The online program combines the strengths of both home schooling and private schooling.

4. Fits into the schedule of busy parents.

5. Can take place anywhere in the world.


1. This type of program requires a lot of commitment.

2. Many parents of the children have to give up careers to stay at home and this may put stress on finances for the family.

3. It is a major adjustment not only for the parents but also for the children, emotionally and socially.

What Are the Advantages of Distance Learning?

Nowadays, the demand for distance learning is at an all-time high, and many universities, colleges, government agencies, and organizations are offering online courses and programs. Distance learning has opened doors and opportunities for many people who may not have the time or resources to attend conventional scheduled classes. As the Internet becomes an integral part of people’s lives, it’s logical that they desire an alternative such as distance learning. Still, the question has to be addressed. What are the advantages of distance learning? Let’s take a look.


Perhaps, the greatest advantage of distance learning is flexibility. Even if you are enrolled in a school or college where you are a full-time student, you can still take a course via distance learning. Assuming that you want to take a course which is not available in your school, you can easily find a school that offers that course and take the course via the Internet. As long as you have a computer and Internet connection, you can study for the course or courses anywhere in the world. In this sense, people from all over the world can enroll at any school which offers the programs or courses of their choice, without having to leave their countries. Also, most distance learning modules allow students to set their own schedules so they have complete control about how much time they want to spend on a particular subject and so on. More importantly, they can study at their most optimal times, thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Distance learning is especially suitable for working parents who want to continue their education or upgrade their skills because they really don’t have the time to attend scheduled classes.

Numerous Schools

If you have ever tried to search for a school that offers distance learning for the courses or programs that you are interested in, you will be amazed at the number of available choices. In fact, there are so many schools that you may be quite confused about which school to select. Well, it’s always better to have more choices than just a few, right? With the Internet, you can find out about the best schools for a particular program, and you can perform research to find out which school is most suitable for your purpose. Ever thought of learning Japanese at some famous Japanese school? You can do that with distance learning.

Lower Costs

Since you are not required to be physically present in the school of your choice, you will save some money on transportation. Presently, the price of gas is getting higher and it has an impact on transportation costs, making it more costly to travel. For international students, it translates to quite a lot of savings because they don’t have to purchase air tickets or worry about rent, and other living expenses. Without having to travel to the school, distance learners also save a lot of time, over the long run. Typically, schools charge a lower fee for online courses in comparison to the on-campus course due to lower overheads.