Adult Education – How is it Different?

How is it different from K-12? Why is this important to us? Discuss andragogy and life-long learning.

Adult education, how is it different? Before we discuss the practical differences, let’s first address the two primary categories of education – pedagogy, and andragogy. Simply stated, in Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, pedagogy is the art science or profession of teaching. Within the profession, however, pedagogy, more often refers to the K through 12 type of approach; the Socratic approach, if you will, where teachers teach and learners listen. The information is passed from the instructor to student – more of a rote learning approach, where the learner is dependent upon the instructor for all learning. The teacher or instructor assumes full responsibility for what is taught.

Andragogy, however, assumes that the learner is self-directed. The learner is responsible for his or her own learning. Self-evaluation is characteristic of this approach. With Andragogy, the learner brings his own experience to the learning process. Each adult learner is a source of knowledge and contributes to the overall learning experience. With this approach is more of a built in readiness to learn than in the pedagogical model. This self-motivation comes from the need to know in order to perform more effectively or to accomplish one’s goals.

So, adult education is focus more on learning what we need to know to accomplish our different life goals. The other education approach is more of a required process to gain certain basic credentials. It is often much less student centered and focuses more on specific outcomes centered around a set curriculum. Adult education in comparison to K-12 is more learner centered in the expectation is more participation based on life experience.

The adult education approach becomes important to us since the goals are primarily different. The goals are centered on achieving a specific task outcome, or learning new behaviors. The adult becomes less motivated by grade point averages, and more motivated by achieving specific goals. Most often these goals are more pragmatic, and are centered around specific outcomes at the learner wants to achieve.

In this 21st century world of complexity, all of our senses are continually being assaulted with multiple types of information. To survive and possibly even to prosper, learning becomes a lifelong process. Most of us become lifelong learners, whether we recognize that specific term or not. In essence, adult education is different primarily from our K-12 experience, and possibly early college, by both our motivation and our need. Adult education becomes a choice, not a responsibility.

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Benefits of Education From an Online High School

Whether you are an adult who never completed your primary education or the parent of a child in need of special attention and flexibility, getting a diploma from an online high school may be the right choice for you. With this option, you will have a number of benefits. You will be able to take control of your education. You can learn everything you would be taught in a classroom in the comfort of your own home. You can take charge of the decisions that you make and the path that you will take during your education.

An online high school can offer an array of advantages. Mostly, you will have complete control over your education. You will have the ability to study your own assignments at your own pace. You can focus on the assignments that may take you a bit longer to complete, while easily and quickly going through assignments that are easier for you. The flexibility on education on the Internet is unmatched. Most programs allow you attend your virtual class at any time of the day, so you can work around your busy schedule. Many people that take classes on the Internet have busy schedules and often full time jobs. This form of education will allow you to work on your own terms and on your own time.

Traditional education for many people means more than just learning. When getting your diploma on the Internet, you can avoid the distractions that come along with the traditional classroom. You won’t have to deal with the cliques and other distracting students while you work on your own time. You can study when you want and where you want. Plus, many times a teacher in a traditional classroom just cannot spend extra time during class time helping each individual student with his or her own specific problems. When working within the online high school, if you do not understand a particular topic, you can take your time and pace yourself to gain a better understanding of the subject.

Whether you are an adult with a full-time job, and you want to move up in the world, or you think that your child would benefit from the pacing and attention involved in an online high school, this educational choice may be the one for you. There are a variety of options out there, so do some research and find out which one will work best for your circumstances.

How Online Education Transcends Success

Distance learning is gaining trust among students looking to upgrade themselves for better career prospects. Distance learning serves as an alternative for students looking out for graduation without undergoing any form of conventional classroom learning. With the rising competitiveness in the market, more and more adults are taking interest in pursuing higher education. Considering the rise in interest for higher education via Distance learning, education providers are looking forward to offer new technologies in order to meet this demand.

Online institute no doubt offer much of freedom and flexibility. Most students enrolling for accredited online degree program courses are working full-time and doing well in their jobs. They need a source of income to run their family’s expenses and quitting jobs mean inviting financial problems. So, in order to upgrade their educational qualifications along with a job, distance learning courses are the preferred choice.

In online classes and course, students study about the business world via technical characteristics of an internet. The online classes and courses are accomplished on the internet in several different methods. The seminars and lectures can be brought on the internet and there are several of options for downloading and file uploading, forums, web chatting and video streaming. The students enroll in online degree program will be capable to reach the syllabus on the internet and normally there will be standard sessions with the other students and teachers. Just like the other course, classes are focused to the similar great standards while the homework is all the times present.

Distance learning is available for a wide spectrum of courses. And these courses have been steadily getting the popularity in the past few years due to the many different advantages which the students can get from them. And the very first advantage is a convenience thing. Persons don’t have to go away their residences to take the classes. So that is why they can save their lots of money and time. Furthermore, it is perfect for those online students who have to manage academic, professional and family responsibilities. Another added benefit is that students have access to learning anywhere and at any time with no limitations and restrictions time and location of study. It gives students ample time to spend with their family and work. Also, distance online education saves the time and cost incurred in traveling.

The choice to become successful in your job depends upon your skill to obtain the right field regarding examine that fits the academic needs as well as profession targets.

Dental Hygienist Education Online: 7 Steps to Prosperous Career

Which type of education works best for you? Have you ever considered studying online? These days many students choose online education since distant learning has many advantages over the traditional one. Online schools allow you to study from the comfort of your home and according to a tailor-made schedule. So if you’re looking for information on how to become a dental hygienist online, you’ll find this guide extremely helpful. Here you can learn how to become a dental hygienist online step by step.

1. Search for Dental Hygienist School

If you want to become a dental hygienist online, a thorough research on schools is of great importance. But note that you need an accredited online school! Only getting a degree from the accredited school you’ll be eligible for licensing. So don’t forget to check whether schools you’re considering are accredited by the American Dental Association Commission of Dental Accreditation. Next, compare the educational programs offered and find your perfect fit. Check whether these online schools offer possibilities for practice, have laboratories, and provide job placement upon graduation. Oh, and find out about financial aid! Maybe, it’s possible to get a scholarship?

2. Ask For the Information Package

If you’ve made your choice, ask for information package from the school. Why would you need it? Well, you should have some specific and detailed information as well as the main requirements on how to become a dental hygienist online.

3. Sharpen Your Knowledge

Check all the entry requirements for the school you’ve chosen. Some of them are common for all the hygienist schools. Here they are:

  • profound knowledge of English, math, biology, good communication skills
  • high school diploma or GED 4.0
  • applicable age – 18

Some schools may have additional requirements, so you must check them out. This way you can evaluate your strong and weak points. And you will have time to strengthen all your weaknesses! When you are sure you have all you need, don’t hesitate and submit your papers!

4. Get Some Extra Training

To become a dental hygienist online it’s recommended you get some extra training. How to get it? Well, think of volunteer work in dental office. This way you can assist a professional and gain a priceless experience. This will definitely help you on your way towards an online degree. Remember, experience is the best teacher!

5. Get a License

To become a professional dental hygienists you need a license. How to get it? After the graduation you must take a state examination. It will be the first step to launch your independent practice and build up a prosperous career in dental hygiene.

6. Get an Advanced Degree in Dental Hygiene

Why should you do that? Well, think, Master’s degree holders have more job opportunities, better work settings, and, which is more important, better salary rates! Advanced degree programs are what will help you to improve your knowledge and enrich your professional expertise.

7. Get into National Registry Recognition

You can become a registered dental hygienist after you pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination. In general, national registry and state licensing are necessary for employment.

Now that you know how to become a dental hygienist online it’s time to take action and move forward to your dream!

College Prep: Questions To Ask When Considering A Post-Secondary Education

As high school students contemplate their future, their plans often include going to college. College prep classes begin early on in the high school career and can be very advantageous to those planning to further their education. However, some students may still be on the fence as to whether or not they should go to college.

For students planning to attend a post-secondary institution, it is crucial to take the time to carefully weigh all of the available options before finalizing decisions about their educational future. There is often a great amount of pressure on high school kids to make the right choice, which can cause unnecessary tension and stress. To make the decision somewhat easier, it is important to ask the right questions in order to make the right choice.

Why Go To A University?

The first thing to consider is whether or not the student wants to get a post-secondary education. Some kids will work on their college prep classes for years because furthering their education is a certainty. However, some students may not even feel the need to think about it until senior year. If students are still undecided about whether or not to attend a university, it is important that they ask themselves if they are serious and diligent enough to take on such a major investment.

The student should consider several factors to determine if he or she should attend a university. For instance, what type of career does he or she desire? Students wishing to become medical doctors, for example, must achieve a four-year degree before starting down the medical path. On the other hand, students interested in pursuing a trade like carpentry or electrical work might only need a two-year degree or vocational diploma. Students should also consider their financial situation and whether they are willing to invest in high tuition costs.

How Much Will It Cost?

There is no doubt about it; going to a university is expensive. Tuition alone costs thousands of dollars, on top of living expenses, books, and other school needs. The cost of going to school will largely depend on the type of university the student chooses to attend. Public universities are much less costly than private colleges, and choosing to attend an in-state school can often cut down on tuition and living expenses.

Students should consider what they are willing to give up or gain when choosing a university. Ideally, the high school senior will have applied for scholarships and grants to their preferred school in order to defray costs. Loans are a frequently utilized option, but it is important not to take on more debt than one can realistically pay off. If the education is going to be extremely expensive, it is important to have a career plan to ensure that money can be repaid.

Choosing whether or not to seek post-secondary education can be a daunting decision, but it can also be a life-changing one. Even if the decision has not been made, it is important to continue working on college prep classes so that the option is there.