Comparing and Contrasting in Classroom Instruction to Online Instruction!

Part 1

My Doctoral Dissertation was titled: Examining if a difference exists between online and traditional college students. Though my dissertation concerned College students, many of the same principles apply to High School and Elementary School. The major issue is the quality of education difference between the two forms of pedagogy [ped-uh-goh-jee, -goj-ee] noun, which is defined as; the function or work of a teacher; teaching the art or science of teaching and educational/instructional methodology.

Even though my bio lists my degree’s, I wanted to supply my experience with the American School System. I spent my first 5 of 17 years in matriculation in a classroom format. The instruction, teacher support and on campus support was excellent; even though I was 52 years old when I started classes in 2000. I was amazed by the reception I received from the younger students in my classes. Because I was older my fellow students wanted to know what I thought they should do and not do, concerning their choices of, not only classes but often life choices.

This is an axiom of all students whether they are college, high school or elementary level. While these students, especially when they reach their teens, and (think their parents are idiots), they will listen to an outside adult influence. Hence, my advice to parents is to first find an adult who values an education and ask them to be your 2nd teacher. If the child is versed early in what the true meaning and possibilities for their future are, (at an early age), they will learn that taking time to research and consider risk management in their decisions, will produce better choices for them in that future!

I would like to expand on my statement concerning my matriculation in a classroom format. Not only does the student receive face-to-face instruction, but more importantly they can receive the instructions when the subject does not make any sense to the student. Face-to-Face instruction allows the teacher to spend QUALITY time with the student, where he/she can understand the student and adjust their curriculum to accommodate the students emotional and physical Adagio [e-‘da-j(e-)o] noun, defined as; at a slow tempo or pace!

As pointed out numerous times over many years, additional benefits occur from social interaction and student bonding. The advantage of our children getting exercise and learning sportsmanship and fair play have been highly underestimated by our local, state and especially federal governments. This is proven by the cuts to social and sports activities funding. This has created a Milieu [meel-YOO] noun, defined as; a surrounding culture and environment, where true education has taken a back seat to funding of military weapons to our police. Hence, a cut in pay for schoolteachers and our local school districts.

Many parents today consider elementary and high school teachers to be nothing more than well-educated babysitters and do not take advantage of the opportunities afforded them to have a voice in what happens in their child’s education. This is evident by the many jokes made about “parent, teacher conferences”. It is my opinion that all parents (or at least one parent) should be required to attend these opportunities to control what and how our students should learn.

Over the next several weeks I will be reviewing the Amalgam [e-MAL-gem] defined as; a mixture or combination – of brick and mortar educational opportunities compared to online learning. Next week I will discuss the Obfuscation [ob·fus·cat·ing] verb, defined as; to make obscure or unclear, the advantages (small) to the disadvantages (large) of total online educational formats, instruction, teacher support and campus support.

Dr. Edward J. Files, AGS, AAS, BSM, Emba, Ed.D. (dual concentrations in Organizational and Leadership Development)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Homeschooling

For many years, families have been looking at the two options of public school and homeschooling for their children, but with today’s new technology, a third choice is now available. This choice is private and accredited online homeschooling. Teaching children at home has come to be a viable option for many families. A family that chooses this pulls out of the traditional education system to have complete direction and control over the education of their children. Parents make all of the decisions regarding the curriculum, how the children will be assessed and when the children have completed their education.

The benefits of this type of learning are limitless. The learners with a distance between them can work together in real-time on the same problem with a computer screen that is shared. Students are able to easily access resources throughout the entire world without leaving the computer work space. Students are also able to choose from a large variety of learning resources that best suit their learning needs.


1. These schools have educators and faculty who are trained in providing flexible and high quality education to both the family and the student.

2. The instructional program for each student is based on his individual needs.

3. The online program combines the strengths of both home schooling and private schooling.

4. Fits into the schedule of busy parents.

5. Can take place anywhere in the world.


1. This type of program requires a lot of commitment.

2. Many parents of the children have to give up careers to stay at home and this may put stress on finances for the family.

3. It is a major adjustment not only for the parents but also for the children, emotionally and socially.

Online Doctorate Degree Review

An advent of a new teaching system has unlocked a new era in education. With the preamble of distance learning programs, students are greatly benefited with its convenient teaching schedule and world-class training methods. Online degree diplomas include bachelors, associate and master’s degree in various fields. Even the online schools offer online doctoral programs for those qualified professionals who want to continue their education in a particular field. Doctorate diplomas are one of the highest level educational degrees where only limited students get chance to learn intricate methodologies involved in one particular subject. Chiefly, these online PhD degree programs are designed for students, with an ambition to join teaching profession and research scientists.

Online doctoral degree programs are quite different from an Associate or a Bachelor’s degree program. These programs teach intricate specialized techniques and prepare the students to learn in depth about the multifaceted system involved in a subject. Very few schools offer doctorate degrees diplomas online and require a minimum 17 years of formal education for getting admission in PhD courses. Doctorate programs include a choice of subjects from various fields to choose from; research professionals choose the subject based on their educational qualification and personal preference to pursue these degree programs.

The online doctorate degree programs offer PhD degrees in different allied subjects. Degree programs include PhD in management and decision Sciences, healthcare, biotechnology, microbiology, medicine, animal biology, science, commerce and also administrative programs. These courses are designed to provide the students, some additional skills and knowledge in one particular subject to advance in their careers and also to take part in teaching profession. Most of the doctorate degree graduates work as high level consultants, research scientists and also as authors in various roles associated with their field of specialization. A doctorate degree, being a higher level specialized degree boosts the career of an individual while increasing his chances to get in to higher posts in his profession with a huge income.

What Are the Best Online Colleges?

For many people attending a traditional four year brick and mortar college is neither practical nor possible for a variety of reasons. In previous times this meant resigning oneself to accepting only a high school education, to being stuck in a dead end career and perhaps never pursuing the college education that one truly desires. Fortunately, times have changed. These days anyone can obtain a college degree in a wide range of subjects and make their dreams come true. But with so many options and so much variation and quality in online education, it can be a daunting task to decide not only what degree to pursue but what online college to enroll in. This article should help as we ask the question and try to come up with an answer of just what are the best online colleges?

The three factors that should go into the decision making process of choosing an online college are; the quality of the education, the reputation of the school and the cost and suitability of the program. Online colleges come in three variations. The most plentiful are those online colleges that exist only in cyberspace with all learning and course materials conducted purely on the internet. The school does not have a bricks and mortar location available and all questions, coursework and interaction is conducted exclusively online. Some popular examples of some of the larger ‘online only’ colleges are Capella University, American Public University, Westwood College and Walden University, which was recently rated by US News as a top choice in online education.

Online only colleges can offer some of the most cost effective degrees but they also fall short comparatively when it comes to reputation as well as quality of instruction. Sometimes, depending on the degree being pursued, it can be quite valuable to have at least some in person instruction or classroom interaction with a trained educator. This is particularly true in those disciplines where some of the learning is necessarily experiential or hands on like nursing or social work and not purely academic or theoretical like mathematics.

The second variation in online colleges are those that are primarily online but offer at least a partial brick and mortar experience that is either optional or required for part of the degree program. These tend to be slightly more expensive than the online only colleges but they also generally offer a better known and more respected degree. Some examples of online colleges that offer an optional in-person component include The University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, DeVry University and American Intercontinental University (AIU), which has campuses worldwide in addition to those in the US.

The ability to add classroom instruction and to interact with professional educators makes this a more fulfilling experience than simply completing all your coursework over the internet with no in-person interaction. In fact some believe that certain areas of study necessitate in person instruction in order to fulfill the requirements of the degree. While slightly more expensive than the online only colleges, a good argument can be made that it is worth the extra cost.

The last variation of online colleges are those that are adjunct or part of an established, sometimes even famous and world renown brick and mortar university or college. Some people are surprised to hear that such famous institutions such as Syracuse University, Golden Gate University, Boston University, and even MIT and Stanford offer online degree programs in various disciplines. Some of these online degree programs are very highly rated and the beautiful thing about obtaining one of these degrees is that once you receive your diploma nobody except you needs to know you pursued your degree online. The full reputation of these prestigious schools can then go to work for you to obtain a great career advancing job and to appear as a linchpin of your resume for years to come.

Many of these top notch schools require some of your education to be done on-site, but again this depends on the specific course of study you are pursuing and information needs to be gotten on a case by case basis. The one downside to pursuing your education at a famous name online college is the cost. These schools are very aware that their names hold tremendous value in the marketplace and thus charge substantially more than similar degrees from lesser known online schools. However, depending on the degree program, the cost of an online degree can still be much lower than attending the school full time, especially when savings of room and board as well as loss of income if not working are figured into the equation.

With the plethora of options available today there is really no excuse to not obtain your college degree. Research shows that college graduates earn more money and lead more satisfying careers than those without a higher education. With options ranging from low cost online only to higher cost famous name online universities, the only limit is your own drive, determination and dreams. For much more great information on online colleges and specific degree programs as well as links to some of the leading schools please visit

Benefits of Education From an Online High School

Whether you are an adult who never completed your primary education or the parent of a child in need of special attention and flexibility, getting a diploma from an online high school may be the right choice for you. With this option, you will have a number of benefits. You will be able to take control of your education. You can learn everything you would be taught in a classroom in the comfort of your own home. You can take charge of the decisions that you make and the path that you will take during your education.

An online high school can offer an array of advantages. Mostly, you will have complete control over your education. You will have the ability to study your own assignments at your own pace. You can focus on the assignments that may take you a bit longer to complete, while easily and quickly going through assignments that are easier for you. The flexibility on education on the Internet is unmatched. Most programs allow you attend your virtual class at any time of the day, so you can work around your busy schedule. Many people that take classes on the Internet have busy schedules and often full time jobs. This form of education will allow you to work on your own terms and on your own time.

Traditional education for many people means more than just learning. When getting your diploma on the Internet, you can avoid the distractions that come along with the traditional classroom. You won’t have to deal with the cliques and other distracting students while you work on your own time. You can study when you want and where you want. Plus, many times a teacher in a traditional classroom just cannot spend extra time during class time helping each individual student with his or her own specific problems. When working within the online high school, if you do not understand a particular topic, you can take your time and pace yourself to gain a better understanding of the subject.

Whether you are an adult with a full-time job, and you want to move up in the world, or you think that your child would benefit from the pacing and attention involved in an online high school, this educational choice may be the one for you. There are a variety of options out there, so do some research and find out which one will work best for your circumstances.